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Powerloom Industry in India
Powerloom Industry in India


Powerloom Industry in India

Powerloom Industry in IndiaIn our country, powerlooms are a predominant segment in the entire textile value chain. According to a powerloom survey carried out in 2013, there are 24.86 lakh powerlooms in the decentralized sector, out of which 1.03 lakh (4.1%) are shuttleless looms. It accounts for more than 57% of the total cloth production and provides employment to nearly 44.86 lakh persons. Around 60% of fabrics and garments manufactured by powerlooms are exported.

Looking into the various socio-economic problems faced by the powerloom weavers and the low technology levels in the sector, the Government has focused its attention for the development of powerloom sector through multi-pronged schemes and interventions. An Integrated Scheme for Powerloom Sector Development (ISPSD) was launched during 11th Five Year Plan. The scheme is hugely beneficial to the decentralized powerloom sector and it was extended to the 12th Five Year Plan with additional components of Yarn Bank, Tex-Venture Fund and Common Facility Centre to help the economically weaker powerloom weavers and for the overall development of the powerloom sector.

A new Scheme of In-situ Upgradation of Plain Powerlooms in SSI sector was launched in the 12th Five Year Plan with a target of 1 lakh plain powerlooms to be fitted with additional attachments for quality improvement.

PowerTex India (Comprehensive Scheme for Powerloom Sector Development)

To address the felt needs of the Powerloom Sector, these schemes are now modified with additional components and new schemes are added. The new schemes include Solar Energy Scheme and Pradhan Mantri Credit Scheme for Powerloom Weavers. Additional components include creating Awareness and Publicity of the poweloom schemes, providing facilitation services and IT enabled online services. The existing schemes of Group Workshed Scheme, Common Facility Centre, Yarn Bank and In-situ Upgradation of Plain Powerlooms have been rationalized and upgraded. A comprehensive scheme with all these features is now launched as the Comprehensive Scheme for Powerloom Sector Development and the same comes into effect on 1st April, 2017 and would be for a duration up to 31st March, 2020.

Components of The PowerTex India Scheme

Other Schemes

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