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In situ Upgradation of Plain Powerlooms
In situ Upgradation of Plain Powerlooms

In-Situ Upgradation Scheme for Plain Powerlooms For SSI Powerloom Sector Under PowerTex India


The prime objective of the scheme is to upgrade existing plain looms to semi-automatic/shuttleless looms to improve quality and productivity of the fabric being produced by way of fixing certain additional attachments/kits and enable them to face the competition in domestic and international markets, by way of providing financial assistance to economically weaker low-end powerloom units.

Eligibility of Unit/Applicant

  • A Powerloom unit having powerloom permit / Acknowledgement against Information Memorandum issued by Regional Office of the Textile Commissioner for installation of the Powerlooms (or) SSI registration (or) Udyog Aadhar Memorandum (or) Electricity bill for the unit address/name of the owner are provided, is eligible for assistance under the scheme.
  • Powerloom unit having a maximum 08 (eight) existing plain powerlooms, as per Powerloom Permit / Acknowledgement are only eligible for availing the benefit under the scheme. Priority would be given to units having less than 4 looms.
  • A unit should have electricity bill in it’s name or in the name of the owner of the unit or if the premises is on rental basis necessary power sharing agreement between lessor and lessee.

Quantum of Subsidy

The applicant will be eligible for

  • For in-situ up-gradation of subsidy: the existing plain power looms to Semi automatic shuttle looms/attachment of dobby, jacquard/pirn winding machine.
  • For in-situ up-gradation of existing upgraded semi automatic shuttle looms to shuttleless rapier looms and
  • For in-situ up-gradation of existing plain power looms directly to shuttleless rapier looms
Category Percentage of subsidy Maximum subsidy Amount per loom (in Rs.)
Plain powerloom to semiautomatic shuttle loom/ attachments of dobby, jacquard/ pirn winding machine (up gradation without rapier kit) Semi automatic shuttle loom to shuttleless rapier loom (Attachment of only Rapier Kit) Plain powerloom to shuttleless rapier loom/Kits Attachments (Upgradation with Rapier kit)
General 50.00% 20000 25000 45000
SC 75.00% 30000 37500 67500
ST 90.00% 36000 45000 81000

The detailed bifurcation of the subsidy shall be as shown in the table given below:

For In-situ Upgradation Attachments/kit attached Category Maximum GOI subsidy/ loom
(a) From existing plain Powerlooms to Semi automatic shuttle looms/attachments of dobby, jacquard/pirn winding machine (i) Weft stop motion
(ii) Warp stop motion
Efficient braking device
Semi positive let off motion
(v) Dobby
(vi) Jacquard,
Self lubricating nylon parts
(viii) Anti crack device
(ix) Pirn winding machine.
General Rs.20,000
SC Rs.30,000
ST Rs.36,000
(b) From existing upgraded semi automatic shuttle looms already upgraded under In-Situ to shuttleless rapier looms (excluding attachments at (a)above) Attachment of rapier kit for powerlooms General Rs.25,000
SC Rs.37,500
ST Rs.45,000
(c) From existing plain power looms directly to shuttleless rapier looms (including attachments of kits at (a) & (b)). (i) Weft stop motion, Warp stop motion, Efficient braking device, Semi positive let off motion, Dobby, Jacquard, Self lubricating nylon parts, anti crack device.
(ii) Rapier kit
General Rs.45,000
SC Rs.67,500
ST Rs.81,000

In Case of File Return

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In situ Upgradation of Plain Powerlooms
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