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Group Workshed scheme
Group Workshed scheme

Group Workshed scheme


  • To facilitate the establishment of worksheds for shuttleless looms in an existing or new cluster, which will provide required scale of economy for business operations
  • To organise powerloom units in a cluster and to provide improved working condition in terms of more space, work environment, improve the work efficiency to enhance their competitiveness in the global market.

Eligibility Beneficiaries

  • State Government (or) its agency.
  • A registered Co-operative Society.
  • A Company set-up under the Companies Act, 1956 as amended (or) a firm set-up under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 as amended, by a group of powerloom owners (minimum of four beneficiaries).
  • The local powerloom association.


  • Group will consist of at least 4 weavers / entrepreneur(s) having separate legal entity.
  • At least 24 nos. of shuttleless looms of width upto 230 cms (or) 16 nos. of shuttleless looms of wider width i.e. 230 cms and above must be installed.
  • Each beneficiary should have at least 4 looms.
  • Only TUFS compatible machineries to be installed.

Maximum Admissible Area

  • Shuttleless Looms 400 Sq.ft / Loom
  • Weaving Preparatory 40% of Loomage area
  • Dormitory 125 Sq.ft / Person

Subsidy Chart

S.No. Category Eligible Subsidy on the unit cost of construction Cap on Subsidy per Sq.ft
1 General 40% Rs. 400
2 SC 75% Rs. 750
3 ST 90% Rs. 900
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