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Common Facility Centre (CFC) scheme
Common Facility Centre (CFC) scheme

Common Facility Centre (CFC) scheme


  • The objective of the scheme should be as per the guideline at para V. 1
  • Financial Assistance – After the objective of the scheme the financial Assistance should come with wording same as per the existing one.
  • Eligibility - The condition “more than one proposals/projects in a single cluster are allowed as per the requirement of the cluster without restricting the maximum subsidy limit per CFC. However , the SPVs of CFCs shall not have any common director ie Director of one SPV OF cfc shall not be a Director of any other SPV of CFC” shall incorporate.
  • The caption subsidy chart should mention as Eligible subsidy as per cluster grading.

File return

  • Monthly statistical Return (MSR – E) and Annual Statistical Return (ASR) should be linked from the website www.txcindia.gov.in under the subheading Textile statistical Returns.


  • To provide financial assistance for setting-up of Common Facility Centres such as design centre / studio, testing facilities, training centre, information cum trade centre and common raw material / yarn / sales depot, water treatment plant for industrial use, dormitory, workers’ residential space, common pre-weaving facilities viz. yarn dyeing, warping & sizing, twisting etc., and post weaving facilities viz. processing, etc.,

Eligibility Beneficiaries

  • State Government (or) its agency.
  • Registered Co-operative Society.
  • Trust.
  • Company set-up under the Companies Act, 1956 as amended.
  • Firm set-up under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 as amended.


  • Minimum 11 members required to form Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).
  • The Members of SPV should be Powerloom Weavers, Master Weavers, Co-operative Societies, Private Entrepreneurs, NGO’s working for Powerloom Sector.
  • SPV shall have Own Land/Building (or) Leased Land/Building registered in favour of SPV for minimum period of 10 Years.
  • Only TUFS compatible machineries to be installed.

Financial Assistance

  • Government shall provide subsidy of maximum Rs 200 Lakh per CFC.

Subsidy Chart

S.No. Cluster Grade Maximum Financial Assistance on Project Cost
1 A 60%
2 B 70%
3 C 80%
4 D & Clusters in NER/J&K 90%
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